Popcorn time avec The Cinematic Orchestra

These are the arms crossed and the gloomy eye that we have vaguely fixed the orange lights spinning on a small announcing ritual of the arrival of The Cinematic Orchestra . It must be said that the first part had something to leave wary: half an hour jazzy syncopated piano, blasing to die, stuck between a couple of fifty-year-old bourges and two punk tattooed arrogance from the top of their 20 pins. So when in this orange twilight, three violins filled the magnificent arena of the Philharmonie de Paris, the arms fell to us.

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The sound of the strings is crystalline, gigantic. The bourge on my left loose a “oh my God” very little Christian. From this first piece, the exceptional musicians of the band skilfully make the whites snow: bass and bass, keyboard, guitar, drums, samples, percussion, sax add to the dropper to build a musical landscape to (finally) butcher a corner with the most informed punk.

Because The Cinematic Orchestra did not steal its name: it does not matter if one has the ear exercised, its music acts as screen of cinema, one listens to the grandiose pictures. The simplicity of a cello and a xylophone accompanied by a beat house and bluish lights is followed by a parade of percussion on gaudy green flashes, but whatever the theme (and they are varied, jazz melo trip hop or rock), we are transported, we fly over waterfalls in virgin forests, icebergs, savannahs, we can not detach the ears, it’s just beautiful.

Treat me of romantic in full lyric flight, I assume. It was a whole room of romantics who was glued to the seats of this musical cinema, as for the better known titles such as “To Build a Home” or “Breathe” the warm voices of the three singers got involved. In front of this group, no crowd in delirium, no lovers entwined, we are all motionless … But make no mistake when you see boredom. We held our breath lest it stop, caught in the music like a horde of doe frozen in front of the headlights of a truck. And when collective hypnosis ended, it was a huge ovation that rolled interminably under the cathedral ceilings of The Philharmonie de Paris.