Sheila Simmenes in Love Exit Orchestra

Sheila Simmenes in Love Exit Orchestra is next
Woman in the 5th series on books and music.

1) What is the last one you read?

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg – I love to read about how we are screwed together as people and what makes us take the choices we take.

2) Which book would you like to make soundtrack to, and why? how would it be?

The box series to Francesca Lia Block about Weetzie Bat and Witch Baby. She writes with a mix of reality and adventure, with so many delicious pop references from the 80’s and 90’s. I would have created a soundtrack with lots of analog syntheses, play and naive electropop with thick vocal harmonies (‘a la 90’s girl groups), mixed with soul and hip hop from the early 2000s.

3) What is your favorite book?

“The yellow eyes of the crocodile” by the French author Katherine Pancol, the first of three books about Josephine and a host of wonderful characters that revolve around her. The language of this book is wonderfully colorful, poetic and beautiful. The characters are vibrant and complex, and you are genuinely fond of them – even if they are wrong, may be malicious and have good and bad sides. I’m fond of the heart of seeing these books in the bookshelf.

4) What is your favorite album?

Right now it is Brazilian Leo Middea with the album A Dança do Mundo. World cup with warm rhythms, nice twists and lots of organic instrumentation. The lighthouse is an absolute charm – recommended!

We often forget the whole musical treasure chest that is outside the English-speaking world – there is a lot to be gained in opening eyes and ears a little more.

5) If you should start a band with an author, which would it be?

I want to make jazz with Berit Ås! And kosejazz electronics with Håvard Strap on vocals as other choices. That man could have read the back of a shampoo bottle, with pondus to set up a store room.