Tuesday, September 27

Some of the Technical innovative equipment for the sports industry and sports haunters

Technology played a vital role in all the industry and sectors. Without technology, there is no chance for optimization. the sports followed some technological innovation methodology for the development and future aspects.

Here some of the technology that utilizes by all sports haunters

Heart rate Monitor 

Heart rate Monitor is the best equipment for all the athletes. It goods for athletes to check their heart rate.it is analyses the athlete’s sustainability and exercise. Monitor also helps to measures the dehydration and malnutrition of their body. This  gives alert symbol if any unsafe workout is done by the athletes and also every exercise session  

It tracks the cardiovascular exercise while running, walking, jogging, skiing, jumping. It is worn on the chest and measures the heart rate and shows the monitor which is women on the wrist. During the training period, the athletes can wear this heart rate monitor to estimate their exercise session.

Cyclops and tracking system 

This tracking is used especially in football. Usually, the tracking system consists of six infrared lights. It is placed above a few centimeters from the ground when the ball hits the inner area of the court all the light beams in the outer area of the court are shut off.

On the other hand when the ball hits on the outer area of the court. Then the games should be interrupted. Hawkeye system is the new inventories that follow advance in the sports industry. It is one of the cameras that placed all the sides and watching the ball fights across the inner and outer areas

3000 frames per second in horse racing 

Sometimes the panel got confused if the games get tied up. At that time they handle photo finishes method, especially in the horse race. If the two-horse is reached the same level the race is tied up. To overcome this problem they used 3000 frames per second. It gives an accurate level of slow seconds.as a result guests can easily identify the winners. Then the gave the title to the one and only and crowned them.

 24-second clock in basketball 

This 24-second clock begins to work when the team players got control of the basketball. They can put a legal shot within 24 seconds. This clock is made to rest when the foul time, legal shot through the net, a fight, or any precession occurs. This shot clock can be placed on the net at 360 views .it is not fir the saving grace shot. The main aim of this clock is to leads the games in a better way.            

Headphones outlier sports 

A headset is vital to all outdoor sports. It is used by team players or panel persons. this headset provides the eardrum .it is the sweat[proof headset. It can sustain in our eyes even if it is a very tough workout. It helps to provide any information or comments in real-time events