Tuesday, August 16

Four Effective Ways to Clean a Green Swimming Pool

Remember, your pleasant days in swimming pools. Those soothing moments where you recreate yourself with your loved ones. Wait a moment, are you worried about the cleanliness of your pool? Well, we simplify your worries with ease. Our simple suggested tips can make you cherish those moments again. Even if you have not witnessed your pool area lately, it’s time to rejoice in crystal clean water now.

Here, are some of the healthy cleanliness tips for your swimming pools:

Know why your pool turned green

Firstly, know why the pool turned green. It might be due to the overgrowth of algae or the variation in the pH levels. Change in weather can also affect your pool as algae growth is high in hum favorable climate conditions. When you know the cause, then you can make a plan to clean the pool and turn it blue again. Keep a note in the first place.

Draining the Pool

Draining the pool or not majorly depends on the extent of how green your pool has become. If it is very dark-green, and all you can see is greenery and blackish borders, then you must drain the pool. However, if the algae are less visible. Then, try the chemical treatment on the surface. The acid wash can really be effective in this case.

Adjustments in pH level

A green pool tends to have low chlorine levels. So, it is suggested to check your pool’s pH level to have a fair idea of the condition. A lot of testing kits are available in the market and on Amazon as well. So, you can buy any of them and get to know your pool’s pH level. Then, lower down the pH level to meet the desired results. A well-known sodium bisulfate product benefits a lot in lowering the pool’s pH level. 

Chlorination of Pool

Now it’s time to add extra chlorine and shock your swimming pool in chlorine. This is an instant method to kill off the growth of algae and bacteria. Generally, it is advisable to do chlorination in water up to 30 ppm. Use the testing kit in such steps to know better.

Above mentioned 4 ways will really help you on how to clean a green swimming pool. But if you need special care, then hire a swimming pool contractor. They can be the best at this work. Now, jump into the clean water. It’s time to enjoy and love the clean water.

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