Saturday, September 18

Getting the narrative right for Singaporeans in online gaming

Gamble? Does the word ring a bell in your head?

 If yes? How does the bell sound?? Having been conditioned through the years about believing the word into being negative. How does one change the narrative of it especially when played online? How the online gamble differs from the regular gamble. And how is definitely safer in terms of addiction than the regular gamble played at bars and casinos. Also pointing out how safer it is in terms of going high stakes and losing it all as seen in sports betting. This has all been made possible in the last few years deeming the online gamble far safer and one of the main reasons for the games being accepted overall is its policy of limited gamble. This has made it possible for clearing the legal concerns of a gamble as being introduced as an online gamble. This clearly depicts that online websites like Online Casino Singapore are following the concept of responsible gambling while ruling out all the very risks of addiction to the game as the bets being allowed are highly margined making it almost dodge the risk of losing big and going bankrupt. 

What are the various ways that online companies manage to carry it out?

  • The introduction and restraints on the size of the bets and the number of rounds being played in some sites while this being an exception in some other sites have made it possible for people to fall out of the whole gambling addiction trap.
  • The people willing to try their hand at online gamble directly for the time have nothing to fear and that the taboo surrounding the name of gamble doesn’t apply to the online mode games as they are well controlled and being endorsed in a safe and educated manner.
  • With people no longer having the free time to make themselves available for an online game at a casino they are being provided with the options of online gaming which is a much safer option at present
  • Also, the online scenes adhering well to the ongoing current pandemic scenes have one privileged to be sitting from the comfort of their homes and carrying out gameplay while following all the safety norms of social distancing


getting our facts rights and clearing the name of an online gamble from the addiction scenes has gotten more and more people to try out the game.

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